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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The Bedford North Lawrence Athletics app for allows student, faculty and parents to keep up to date with athletic communication. Bedford North Lawrence High School is located in Bedford, Indiana.

The app's intuitive navigation provides quick access to the following:

- Athletic events happening Today and Tomorrow
- Catch up on the latest Sports News
- See an upcoming Calendar of Events by Sport

In addition, users are able to:
- View a detailed map and get directions
- See the current forecast ... and more!

Click the images below to download the appropriate app!!


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Meaning of a BNL Baseball Player

Being a BNL Baseball player is an honor and wearing "Stars" across your chest gives our players a sense of pride and confidence.

B= Be coachable
N= Nobody outworks us
L= Locked in and focused
S = So what, next pitch
T = Two hundred feet
A = Attitude is everything
R = Respect the game
S = Selfless

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