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2014 BNL Stars Baseball - April Dates
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The 2014 BNL Stars Baseball season is underway with the first day of team conditioning starting Jan. 28, 2014. Below are other important dates that will lead us into the regular season.

Date Day Description
Apr 3rd Thursday JV vs. Edgewood (BNL - 5:30 pm)
Frosh vs. Edgewood (Wiley Park - 5:30 pm)
Apr 4th Friday Varsity vs. Edgewood (Vincennes Tourney - 7:30pm)
Apr 5th Saturday Varsity vs. TBD (Vincennes Tourney - 10:00am)
JV vs. Bloom. South (DH) (BNL - 11:00am)
Frosh at Providence (DH) (10:00am)
Apr 7th Monday JV vs. Jasper (BNL - 5:30pm)
Apr 8th Tuesday JV @ Washington (5:30pm)
Apr 10th Thursday Varsity @ Brown Co. (5:30pm)
Apr 11th Friday Varsity vs. Rockford (MI) (7:30pm)
Frosh vs. Edgewood (Wiley - 5:30pm)
Apr 12th Saturday Varsity vs. Scottsburg (DH) (10:00am)
JV @ Scottsburg (DH) (10:00am)
Apr 14th  Monday Varsity @ Bloom. South (5:30pm)
Apr 15th Tuesday Varsity @ Eastern Greene (5:00pm)
Apr 17th Thursday JV @ Seymour (5:00pm)
Frosh vs. Seymour (BNL - 5:00pm)
Apr 19th Saturday Varsity vs. Bloom. North (DH) (10:00am)
JV @ Bloom. Norgth (DH) (11:00am)
Frosh vs. Eastern Greene (DH) (Wiley - 10:00am)
View all of our teams' schedules by clicking here.