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The Inaugural Victory Challenge
Friday, March 14, 2014

The Inaugural Victory Challenge
BNL Baseball 2014
The 2014 BNL Baseball conditioning program came to a close this week with the first ever Victory Challenge. The players were divided into 6 teams with the juniors and seniors serving as captains for the teams. Twenty events constituted the challenge. Players were tested mentally and physically over the two days of competition. 

Events included: Posted are the individual event winner/team winner, (Grade), Team name
 Baseball skills
- Hitting – Tanner Tow (12) Team Red/Tow
- Throwing – Dakota Terrell (11) Team Black/Alvey
- Bunting – Michael Underwood (9) Team Black/Alvey
- Fielding – Tanner Tow (12) Team Red/Tow
- 60 yard dash – Bristol Anderson (11) Team Red/Tow
- Buddy carry – Team Grey/Chaney & Hensley
- 1 minute jump rope – Brandt Callahan (9) Team Red/Tow
- 4 x 100 meter relay – Team White/Pierce
- 3 minute fitness run – Jack Green (11) Team Green/Green
- Obstacle course – Jake Alvey (11) Team Black/Alvey
- Team relay – Team Grey/Chaney & Hensley
- 1 minute sit-ups – Jarod Deckard (10) Team Grey/Chaney & Hensley
- Weighted plate carry relay – Team Red/Tow
- 35 lbs. dumb bell press – Tanner Tow (12) Team Red/Tow
- 1 minute push-ups – Ethan Lintz (11) Team Black/Alvey
- 1 minute pull-ups Jake Alvey (11) Team Black/Alvey
- Tug of war – Team Red/Tow
- Vertical jump – Blaze Byrer (11) Team Blue/Ragsdale
- Standing long jump – Blaze Byrer (11) Team Blue/Ragsdale
 Baseball knowledge
- Team trivia – Team Grey/Chaney & Hensley
The first day ended with Team Red, captained by Tanner Tow, holding a slim lead over Team Black, led by Jake Alvey, 54-53. Highlights of the first day included Dakota Terrell using a smooth consistent delivery to win the throwing competition. Tanner Tow hammered his way to the hitting win. Michael Underwood laid down four great bunts to win the event for Team Black. Jake Alvey (1:16.18) and Jack Green showed off their endurance and fitness to take home first in the obstacle course and 3 minute fitness run, respectively. Bristol Anderson blazed his way to the crown in the 60 yard dash with a time of 6.67 seconds. Team Pierce ran away (Watson in reverse for the last 20 meters) with the 4 x 100 win. Team Tow won the plate relay and Team Chaney/Hensley took home 1st in the buddy carry event. That concluded the first day of the Challenge.
Team Tow and Team Alvey had a solid lead over the other four teams as we looked toward day two. Each team entered day two of the challenge with a chance to win, but it would take a great effort for any team to overtake Team Tow and Team Alvey.
Eleven events were slated for day two. Teams would be tested for strength and endurance and it started with pull-ups. Jake Alvey earned 8 points for Team Black with 24 pull-ups. Tanner Tow flashed off his Rawlings Gold Glove to win the fielding competition outlasting fellow first basemen Jacob Bergman. In the 1 minute jump rope, Brandt Callahan outlasted his opponents for the win with 124 revolutions. Tanner Tow showed his brute strength with 52 reps in the (2) 35 lb. dumb bell bench press. Blaze Byrer gave the Team Blue a little life by jumping to victory in the vertical jump (29.5”) and standing long jump (8 feet). Jarod Deckard crunched his way (61 reps) to the win in the one minute sit ups. In the one minute push-up event, Ethan Lintz powered 71 push-ups on his way to victory. In the team events on Thursday, Team Chaney/Hensley took home the banner in two events as they ran away with the relay race and showed their baseball knowledge in the trivia contest. The final event of the challenge was the tug of war. Team Alvey and Team Tow received byes in the first round. Team Chaney/Hensley pulled their way to the upset of the #1 seeded Team Alvey in the semi-finals. Team Tow defeated Team Green to set up the showdown. Team Tow showed their strength and won a hard fought victory. Now it was time to tabulate the team scores after all 20 events had been completed. The final grades on the baseball quiz would determine the winner. Team Tow had to outscore Team Alvey by 4 points to force the tiebreaker. It would not happen and Team Black/Alvey celebrated their victory and donned the Victory Challenge 2014 Championship t-shirts.
The first Victory Challenge was a huge success. Each player contributed to their team and made this a special event. This was a fun way to wrap up the winter conditioning season as we head to the first practice on Monday, March 17th.
1st Place:
Team Black/Jake Alvey 136
3rd Place:
Team Grey/Josh Chaney & Dillon Hensley
5th Place:
Team Blue/Dylan Ragsdale
2nd Place:
Team Red/Tanner Tow 132
4th Place:
Team Green/Jack Green
6th Place:
Team White/Jameson Pierce


Day 1 Photos

Day 2 Photos