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2016 3rd Annual Victory Challenge
Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The BNL baseball program held the 3rd annual Victory Challenge.  It was two days and 19 events of fierce competition.  The players were divided in to 6 teams with 7 players on each team.  The events tested the players’ mental and physical strengths.  Events included/ the individual Winner of each event:

135 lb. bench press max reps (1 minute) – Austin Long 31 reps
Max reps pull-ups (30 seconds) – Michael Underwood 23 reps
Max sit-ups (1 minute) – Jarod Deckard 59 reps
35 lb weight team relay – Team Blue
2 minute fitness challenge – Team Red
Max reps jump rope (1 minute) – Caden Fish 185 reps
Fielding – Gold Glove – Cole Mathews
Bunting – Cole Mathews/Brandt Callahan
Throwing accuracy – Tanner McBride
Standing broad jump – Gaven Moore 115 inches
Fitness team relay – Team Black
BNL Baseball Quiz – Team Red perfect score
Max reps burpees (30 seconds) – Gaven Moore, Jace Rhorer and Tanner McBride – 15 reps
4 x 100 baseball relay – Team Black
26 yard sprint – Ronnie Watson
Basketball Relay – Team Black
Tug of War – Team Green

The Blue team proved victorious.  Team members included;  Gaven Moore, Jackson Bartlett, Ben Barker, Captain Caleb Bowman, Caden Fish, Jarrett Faubion, and Clayton Allen as they dominated over the two days picking up first place wins in 5 of the 19 events. 

Victory is what each player and coach is striving for each day:
Victory in baseball, in the classroom, and in life.  We also want our last game of the season to be played at Victory Field in Indianapolis on June 18th